Welcome & Posting Guidelines

Hi there!

Amazing to see you at KimPetrasNow. This subforum is meant for introducing yourself to other members and to get to know each other a bit better ?

I also want to take this as an opportunity to announce some posting guidelines on this community:

Respect each other

KimPetrasNow is devoted to Kim Petras, but of course it is also possible that other artists are discussed here. What we don't want to see, is any overly offensive comments about other artists or towards fans of other artists. It's okay if you don't like what someone else likes, but there is no need to disrespect each other for it.

Be responsible

Please refrain from posting NSFW images or content on KimPetrasNow (e.g. nudity or disturbing/graphic content). Such content will be deleted and lead to a warning/ban.

Make sure your post contributes something/induces discussion

What is meant with this, is that we wouldn't like to see any spam posts or direct copy-pasting of e.g. articles without contributing anything. It is of course allowed to include excerpts of articles / other external sources to then add an opinion to it or induce a discussion about it.


These are the basics. Guidelines may be changed or supplemented at any point, if needed.

Enjoy KimPetrasDaily!

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