What is your custom playlist order for Clarity?

I feel like the standard ordering for Clarity doesn't really tell the 'story' of the album in the way I envision it. Im wondering how others have custom ordered their Clarity playlists?

My order is:

  1. Another One
  2. All I Do Is Cry
  3. Broken
  4. Icy
  5. Personal Hell
  6. Blow It All
  7. Got My Number
  8. Do Me
  9. Sweet Spot
  10. Meet The Parents
  11. Shinin'
  12. Clarity

I feel like this tells a clear story: Kim suspects she may be cheated on, feels really bad about it and her heart is broken. Over time her sadness turns into coldness. In Personal Hell she admits that she misses being loved and in Blow It All she starts having a little fun again, forgetting about life and enjoying the moment. She gets it on but doesn't engage in anything serious: definitely not someone worthy to introduce to the parents. Then Shinin' comes through as a motivational closer, followed by Clarity: she now sees past her breakup and stands in life positively again.

What do you guys think?


  • I agree, the current track list leaves a lot to be desired. Still I would put shinin at the end though, it feels like a nice way to close the album. Clarity sounds more like an interlude than an ending tbh.

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    Yeah fair enough haha, I just wasn't sure where Clarity would then fit. Maybe before or after Blow it all ?

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