[UPDATE] Kim Petras to appear in mysterious ‘MTV Volume’

UPDATE: MTV VOL.UME appears to be a series of stories “about the meaning of dating, having sex, and falling in love for a generation of new adults (…) navigating a culture where everything is framed by a screen.” For VOL.UME, Kim has been interviewed about how the concept of love and heartbreak have had an influence on making the album Clarity.

Old intro: MTV has posted a teaser on Twitter today teasing Kim’s involvement in the mysterious ‘MTV Volume’. It’s not yet clear what MTV Volume is about, but apart from Kim, Liam Payne also seems to be involved. We will update this post when more information becomes available.

In the interview, Kim talks about how she “was going to make the whole record emo and depressing” at first, as she had just gone through a break-up when writing the first song of the album, Broken. Kim then went on to explain that halfway through recording the album, she started to see the positive and “sexy” side of things, stimulating her to make the album not only gloomy, but also fun and sensual, as can be heard in the tracks Blow It All and Do Me.

Interestingly, the article mentions that Kim has recorded a video for There Will Be Blood, but it’s not clear whether that’s a mistake – as Icy has just received a video – or whether it’s a tease towards Kim’s next video.

I recommend reading the full article on MTV’s website, as it is a nice write-up about how Kim has dealt with her breakup, how she has made it as a trans, independent artist, and her intimate relationship with us – her fans 😊.

Finally, as part of the feature in VOL.UME, some gorgeous photos of Kim have been made (rights belong to Clare Gillen/MTV).

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